Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at the X REWARDS program!

What is the X REWARDS program?

The X REWARDS program is the customer program for X card users. Everywhere where you pay with your X card earn points for the purchases. The bigger the amount of the purchases paid for with the card, the more X REWARDS points can be earned. Points can be exchanged for different prizes: cinema tickets; gift vouchers of restaurants and spas; travel and other offers.

And even better- get discount if you pay with X card.

Don’t have an X card yet? – apply here.

How can I join the program?

If you already have an X card, then register in the Citadele Internet Bank, or access your X REWARDS account with Citadele Internet Bank login.

If you don’t have a X card yet, visit the website and request one. You can join the X REWARDS program as soon as you’ve received your new card.

How do I earn points?

To earn X REWARDS points, you must first create your X REWARDS account. Once you sign up, earn points on purchases with your X card anywhere in the world, at millions of retail outlets - wherever you can pay with your Visa card.*

When paying with an X smart card, you earn 1 X REWARDS for every full €2 spent on a purchase.

When paying with the X supreme, X prime, X hero, X Platinum card, you get 1 X REWARDS for every full 1 euro spent on a purchase.

When paying with the X Infinite card, you get 2 X REWARDS points for every full 1 euro spent on a purchase.
If you have a bracelet, sticker or payment ring connected to your X card, you will earn 1 X REWARDS for every full €1 spent on the purchase. If a bracelet, sticker or payment ring is connected to the X Infinite card, you will receive 2 X REWARDS points for every full 1 euro spent on the purchase.

And it doesn't matter how you pay - using the card physically and confirming your purchase with a PIN code, contactless payment function or mobile phone (NFC function).

*X REWARDS points are not awarded for purchases made in places of gambling, incl. online casino, as well as for transactions that are considered money transactions (for example, the purchase of virtual money, the purchase of currency, Quasi cash, etc.).

How can I use the points?

The points are easy to use!

  1. Go to the website or the Citadele Internet Bank, open your X REWARDS account and select the prize you like.
  2. Read about the conditions for receiving the prize.
  3. Follow instructions at the checkout (add email address or choose prize pickup place).
  4. And finally- approve your order!

You can use all of your points at once for a single prize or you can use them separately for several prizes.

How can I find out how many points I have?

You can check your points balance at any time by logging into your account using the Login button or in the Citadele Internet Bank.

Do X REWARDS points have an expiry date?

The X REWARDS points are valid for 24 months after they are credited to the X REWARDS account. Points older than 24 months will be deleted once a year.

For example, if on 01.06.2019, you have already collected 10,000 points and not spent them by 01.06.2021, or spent less than 10,000 points, 10,000 points, or the difference in points not spent within two years, will be deleted in July.

How do I know how many of my points will be deleted?

In the X REWARDS profile, under My Account – Collected Points, you can see how many points you have and on what date they will be deleted. If you do not see such information, you do not have points older than 24 months that are intended to be deleted.

What can I do to prevent the deletion of my points?

Before points older than 24 months are deleted, you can spend them to purchase rewards. View all rewards here (link to

Is information on points that are to be deleted updated after purchasing the reward?

Yes, the number of points to be deleted is updated on the next day after purchasing the reward.

What will happen to the points if my current points balance exceeds the number of points to be deleted?

Points not exceeding the two-year period will not be deleted. The number of points specified under the currently collected points will be deleted unless you decide to spend them to purchase a reward.

How often are points deleted?

Points older than 24 months are deleted once a year. A month before deleting them, we will inform you by sending an SMS or a message via Internet bank, and the information will also be available in your X REWARDS account.

Will someone inform me of how many points I need to spend before they are deleted?

Yes, we provide information on the intended deletion of points by sending an SMS and a message via Internet bank a month before they are deleted, specifying accurate information on the number of points to be deleted; it is also available in the X REWARDS customer profile.

How quickly will the points appear on my X REWARDS account after I’ve made purchases?

The points will be transferred to your X REWARDS account within 24 hours after receipt of confirmation of a transaction made with the card.

Can the points be exchanged for cash?

No. Points can only be exchanged for the goods and services listed on the website of the X REWARDS program.

Where can I find information about used points?

Login into X REWARDS account and under the section “My account” you will be able to see Point purchase history. You will find what you have ordered and the order statuses.

Can I gift my points to someone else?

No. Points cannot be gifted to other people.

Are the points of the supplementary cardholder collected with the points of the main card?

No. Each (main or supplementary) card user is registered as a separate participant in the program. The points are collected in the name of the card holder. Points can be used by the card holder - the person on whose name card is registered.

How can I get prize unique code? I’ve not received one.

Please login into X REWARDS account, under the section “My account” you will find your order history, unique codes, and you will see email address or phone number what you have entered to receive code. Usually within few minutes automatic approval email is sent. If you still have questions, please, contact us at 77 00 000.

How points are collected if I have several X cards?

If you are using few cards what participates in X REWARDS program, and cards are on your name (you are the card holder), then points are accumulated on one X REWARDS account, for all cards together.

Why doesn't the amount I have spent match the number of X REWARDS points I have earned?

X REWARDS points are earned for X card purchases, in person at a store or when paying online with your card. X REWARDS points aren't earned on purchases made in gambling locations, including online casinos, or for currency transactions (such as the purchase of virtual money, currency exchange, Quasi cash. etc.), or for online transfers.

  • With the X supreme, X prime, X hero and X Platinum cards, each full 1 euro spent on your card will earn 1 X REWARDS point.
  • With the X smart card, each full 2 euro spent on your card will earn 1 X REWARDS point.
  • With the X Infinite card, each full 1 euro spent on your card will earn 2 X REWARDS points.

For example, if you make the following purchases on your X supreme card – 3.49 EUR, 17.90 EUR, 6.21 EUR, 28.34 EUR un 4.57 EUR, – then you would receive 58 X REWARDS points (points are calculated based on full euros spent on purchases, without rounding).

You will see the points in your X REWARDS account within 24 hours of the purchase being confirmed.

If I will close my card, will my X REWARDS points be deleted?

Yes. If you have no other X card, what participates in X REWARDS program, then all your accumulated points will be deleted.

Will I be able to use my points, if my card is blocked?

No, but when your card will be active again, you will be able to use your X REWARDS points.

How can I get discount with my X card?

Find out about all discount offers under the “Discounts” section - each offer has a description on how the discount is be applied. Visit partners’ store and before making the order inform personal that purchase will be made with an X card. Enjoy all benefits!